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Getting the source tree with scripts - Trunk

As the trunk stands for the latest version control change, it changes daily basis and thus there are no tarballs available. OpenSync project uses Subversion for version control and thus that is required to get the lastest source tree to the local system where the build is done.


These should make the process from

  • checkout the sources of the repository
  • updating the local working copy
  • cleaning the local working copy
  • compiling and installing

much more easier.


At the beginning the file '' has to be changed. At least the Variable 'OPENSYNC_PATH' has to be changed. If you are want to compile also KDE spezific sources, you also have to look at ''.

To use this environment/scripts you have to source this file in your active shell

source bin_script/

# source bin_script/

Now you can use these scripts. For every module there is an specifc script. For example for:

  • libopensync: cmpOpensync
  • libsyncml: cmpLibSyncml
  • libopensync-plugin-file: cmpPluginFile
  • osynctool: cmpOsynctool
cmpOpensync help
********** opensynclib script ***********
clean or cl: delete the build dir
update or up: updating the svn repo
checkout or co: checkout from the svn repo
compile or c: compiles the sources
debug or db: print debug messages
without param: update repo and build the sources

To checkout opensync, compile and install it, you have to type:

cmpOpensync checkout compile
# or
cmpOpensync co c
# or (order is not relevant)
cmpOpensync debug c co

To update the working copy, compile and install it, you have to type:

cmpOpensync update compile
# or
cmpOpensync up c
# or