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Plugin Introduction

From these pages can be found generic non-version specific information about each available plugin. As OpenSync has undergone major API changes, some plugins are still not available for the latest 0.40 version. Status about the port is indicated on the right, using the following symbols:

means that the plugin is ready and available for 0.40. There is no issue, neither with OpenSync nor with the peer.
is to catch the users attention on a specific issue. More information is available on mouse-over.
indicates that the plugin is not ready for use in OpenSync version 0.40.


This plugin is intended for syncing using the akonadi storage service which is managing different kde resources. The main goal of akonadi is to provide "extensible cross-desktop storage service for PIM data and meta data providing concurrent read, write, and query access. It will provide unique desktop wide object identification and retrieval." ( Thus the plugin can be used to retrieve and sync PIM data with KDE.


This plugin is maintained outside of the OpenSync trees, but is kept in step with the OpenSync project, led by one of the OpenSync developers, Chris Frey. More information can be found at


This plugin allows to synchronize your Google Calendar with the OpenSync framework. More details can be found at Google-Calendar


The gnokii-sync plugin is based on libgnokii from the gnokii project. The gnokii project provides many connectivity functions for Nokia mobile phones. This plugin should be used for older Nokia mobile phones which don't support SyncML. For more details and supported devices see gnokii-sync.


This plugin allows GPE Palmtop Environment based devices to synchronize with the OpenSync framework. For details and supported devices see GPE.


The Evolution plugin allows to synchronize with the evolution-data-server Contact, Events and Todos with the OpenSync framework. Evolution configuration.

File Backup

The file-sync plugin is intended to synchronize all kind of data (all object types), like events, contacts and todos , directly to the file-system. It is also intended to create Backup of your mobile device. For more details see file-sync.


This plugin allows applications using OpenSync to synchronize mobile phones with IrMC support. IrMC synchronization is mostly used by Siemens and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. For details about the plugin and supported devices see irmc-sync.


The kdepim-sync plugin is intended to synchronize the KDE PIM applications like kaddressbook, korganizer and knotes with other OpenSync plugins kdepim-sync. Hint: kdepim-sync doesn't have/need any configuration yet (version 0.20)


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an application protocol for reading and editing directories over an IP network. The LDAP plugin can synchronize all four object types. For details about the plugin see ldap-sync.


This plugin is intended to synchronize Motorola mobile phones via the AT command set. Present Motorola mobile phones, like the Motorola Razr V3, only support synchronize with SyncML via HTTP. The moto-sync plugin solve this fact and allows a local synchronization. For details about the plugin and supported devices see moto-sync.


An external plugin provides support for Mozilla applications. It can sync Thunderbird contacts and Sunbird/Lightning calendars. It also supports the Debian derivatives (Icedove and Iceowl). For details about the plugin see mozilla-sync.


The opie-sync plugin allows OPIE based devices to synchronize with the OpenSync framework. For more information about OPIE: More details about the opie-sync plugin and supported devices can be found at opie-sync?.


The Palm plugin is based on libpisock from pilot-link project. The palm plugin is intended to synchronize Palm OS based devices like PalmOne, Tungsten, Treo, Sony Clie and others. For more details see palm-sync.


This is a libopensync plugin to synchonise with Qtopia / Qt-Extended embedded devices, which run version 4.x of this software. Qtopia4 supports data types contact, calendar events, and "TODO" tasks. All data is transmitted as XML, style sheets are provided, but untested.


This is actually not a synchronization plugin. The python module is the OpenSync interface for python plugins like moto-sync.


The SynCE plugin is based on the libraries of the synce package, which allows to synchronize Windows CE and Window Mobile devices. For more details and supported devices see Synce.


SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language) is an Open Mobile Alliance specification for synchronicing peers. It uses XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and is often transferred inside OBEX over USB or Bluetooth, or HTTP over IP network protocol.

SyncML support can be found from Sony Ericsson Symbian based devices, allmost all Nokia models.