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Current versions:

  • 0.22 (and 0.2x svn branch) and before are considered stable and suitable for production.
  • 0.3x releases introduce major architecture and API changes and are targeted for developers and testers only. 0.39 is the current developer version leading to the upcoming stable 0.40. See 0.39 release notes

Check the component status. All current efforts focus to finalize the next stable 0.40 version out as planned in roadmap.

Distribution Packages

Note: please don't send bugs to Mandriva, Fedora Core or SUSE Linux/openSUSE if you have problems with these packages. Please use the OpenSync? Ticket system instead.

All/most opensync packages are available in Debian testing/unstable and Ubuntu Hardy.

For older Ubuntu releases up to Feisty, an unofficial repository maintained by is available. Since these are not part of the Debian or Ubuntu projects proper, bugs should not be reported to the Debian or Ubuntu bug tracking system!
Please use the Ticket system at for package bugs and the OpenSync Ticket system for other problems.

There are 0.2x and 0.3x ebuilds for opensync and its plugins in portage, just issue an emerge -s opensync msynctool to get to know what the latest version is.

Mandriva Linux contains official OpenSync packages in its official /contrib repository, since the release of Mandriva Linux 2008. For help with enabling the official online repositories (including /contrib), see this page.

In Mandriva Linux 2008, you will find all the various parts of OpenSync available in packages with 'opensync' in their names, along with msynctool. In the soon-to-be-released Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring there are also metapackages which will install all the necessary packages for synchronizing with certain types of hardware: task-wm5sync-kde and task-wm5sync-gnome for Windows Mobile 5 and later devices, task-nokiasync-kde and task-nokiasync-gnome for Nokia phones, and task-blackberry-kde and task-blackberry-gnome for Blackberries. Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring also includes packages for multisync-gui and kitchensync. In both releases, the OpenSync? version available is 0.22.

The openSUSE Build Service Repository provides currently released OpenSync and OpenSync-related packages in the following repositories:

Other operating systems (not yet officially supported)

Recent versions of OpenSync should compile on Windows. There are no binaries yet and you will have to compile it by yourself. The following pages will provide you some compilation instructions:

Recent versions of OpenSync should compile on OS X. There are no binaries yet and you will have to compile it by yourself. The following page will provide you some compilation instructions:

Source Tarballs

Source tarballs for all releases can be found at: To download all bzipped tarballs of an entire release, please use wget like this replacing parameters as necessary:

wget --accept bz2 -r -nd -l1 -P.

SVN Trunk

The following page will help you to checkout the OpenSync's library and its plugins: trunk/installation/checkout. These scripts might help you: trunk/installation/checkout_script