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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#445 opie-sync all calendar times off by difference from UTC assigned paule defect normal
#449 Broken Pipe - Plugin: kdepim assigned pmarat defect highest
#495 SyncML synchronization doesn't work with PPC new abauer defect normal
#639 [DEPENS] moto-sync scrambles event descriptions and locations assigned andrewb defect normal
#737 failed sync when standard resource of kdepim is an dimap account (groupware) new ehabkost defect high
#743 KDEPIM4 new ehabkost enhancement high
#867 gnokii: plugin fails on 64bit new dgollub defect normal
#899 Failing to sync calendar, deleting calendar on phone during next run new tokoe defect normal
#945 trac 0.11.2 update has major perforamnce regression new dgollub defect normal
#951 syncml plugin: Error messages should include the error code new bellmich enhancement normal
#952 syncml: Error messages should be sanitized new bellmich enhancement normal
#993 file-sync default cofniguration contains ObjType "contact" new dgollub defect high
#1112 Incorrect encoding in contacts/calendars entries notes new dgollub defect normal
#1118 Couldn't commit contact: required attribute N is missing new dgollub defect normal
#1125 Sync from Evolution and Ericsson W610i new dfriedrich defect high
#1131 The python plugin crashes in get_changeinfo() new ehabkost defect normal
#1169 Syncing with Sunbird and SyncML over Bluetooth causes data loss sometimes new henrik defect normal
#1174 segfault in destroy_file caused by osync_objformat_destroy in osync_converter_invoke new dgollub defect normal OpenSync 0.40
#1218 Loosing timezone information when synching Palm <-> KDE new tokoe defect normal
#1258 sync fails with ERROR 415 - unable to commit change new dgollub defect high
#1262 ldap-sync dn new tuju enhancement normal
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