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#387 Opensync reports an "no node at all" with nokia 3230, 6670 and 7610 nokia 3230 6670 7610 reopened dgollub defect high
#745 Synchronization with Nokia 6300 not working (syncml-obex-client) nokia, 6300, debian new dgollub defect normal
#771 Unable to sync with Nokia E65 (software 2.0633.65.01) nokia e65 2.0633.65.01 assigned bellmich defect normal
#877 Synchronization with Nokia 3110 classic not working (syncml-obex-client) nokia, 3110, debian new dgollub defect normal
#1148 Problem syncing Nokia E71 with evolution evolution, nokia, e71, sync, bluetooth, syncml new dgollub defect normal
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